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QR Code Samples:

Take it from the QR Code Printing Experts.

QR codes and are a remarkable marketing tool growing in popularity daily. Companies across the globe are placing QR codes on virtually everything! Any type of print media can easily fit a QR code on them to display anything from URL pages, images, advertisements, social media outlets, and so much more! We are dedicated in ensuring your QR printed products are made with the highest quality materials and top rated customer service. Our QR code printing materials are all manufactured by QR print experts who understand the industry, and are knowledgeable in every aspect of your QR printing project. We strive to ensure your QR print materials are manufactured with the highest standards, so you receive the most feedback from your customers.

QR Codes are ideal for:

  • Advertising Promotions and Specials
  • Much More! The possibilities are endless!
  • Getting Consumers to your website
  • Showing Visual Aides
  • Information and Directions

QR Print Source Services:

QR CODE Generation: Our sophisticated QR software allows us to create a custom QR code specified to your goals and needs. Simply give us the information you are looking to show people, and we will carefully create the code to put on your products.

QR CODE Printing: Our state of the art equipment allows us to manufacture the highest quality printed products. Highly trained professionals work with top of the line materials to create a masterfully created printed product for your business.

Direct Mail Services: QR code products are the ideal marketing device for direct mail campaigns. We are proud to offer direct mail services to our customers, preventing you from dealing with the hassle and stress of organizing a direct mail campaign. Simply choose your products and target audiences, and we will deal with the creation and handling of your products. We do all the work, you see all the results!

Custom Graphic Design: Equipped with the latest graphics art software, our professional graphics department can utilize your digital artwork or create a customized design especially for you. Color proofs are provided for final approval to ensure the finished product will be the way you envisioned it.

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