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Industry Specific Suggested Uses:

After reading the ideas for usage below, click on any of the links below to view examples of industry specific ideas. If you would like to receive some samples before you order visit our samples request form.

Fitness Centers, Spas & Wellness Centers

  • Simplify and speed up member check-in process with barcoded keytags
  • Combo / Referral cards for members to share with family and friends
  • Membership cards and keytags are perfect for 24/7 access facilities
  • Compatible with your existing membership software
  • Advertisement on your member’s key rings
  • Gift Cards with barcode, magnetic stripe or face value
    increase revenue and promote repeat business
  • Marketing Inspiration for Yoga Studios
  • The Ultimate Marketing Resource for Spas

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Churches & Youth Groups

  • Barcoded & numbered keytags offer a secure method of checking children in/out of childcare
  • Bag tags for diaper bag identification (name, contact, allergies, etc)
  • Keytags for bible study lessons. Tags can be printed with scriptures
    or verses for members to easily access/remember

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Real Estate

  • Plastic business cards that stand out above the rest
  • Keytags-mini business cards on a key ring
  • Property management ideas: pool access keytags, parking mirror hangers

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  • Keytags are perfect as business cards on a key ring
  • Offer rewards for repeat purchases or referrals
  • Service departments use keytags or cards for loyalty programs
    (VIP customer gets discounts, punch cards, ex: buy 4 oil changes, 5th is free)
  • Rear view mirror hangers used in cars for service, detailing, etc

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Restaurant / Hospitality

  • Replace traditional menus with long lasting plastic waterproof menus.
  • Pizza Vendors can include a Pizza slice magnet within orders. When the
    customer makes an entire pizza, return the magnets and get a free item.

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Schools and Fundraising

  • Plastic cards for sports schedules
  • Fundraising cards or keytags (discounts at local merchants)
  • Access cards for campus events
  • Parking lot access mirror hangers

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