Art Specs

Below you’ll find the plastic printing art specifications required for quick and easy printing to help your project run as smoothly as possible.

Acceptable Art File Formats

We can accept the following art formats ONLY:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator up to version CS5 (.AI)
  • Adobe Photoshop up to version CS5 (.PSD)
  • Adobe InDesign up to version CS5 (.INDD)
  • Corel Draw up to version 15 (.CDR)
  • High Resolution JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS

*Adobe Illustrator files must have bitmap images (JPG, TIFF, etc.) embedded in the file or provided separately with art files. Adobe InDesign files should be packaged with all art links and fonts or also provided separately with art files.

*Art designed in any other software programs must be sent to us in PDF format (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, etc.)

*Convert all text to curves/outlines or include all font files (.otf or .ttf ). When requesting the use of specific fonts please include the font files if possible.

*For quality printing of your order, bitmap images should be created at 300 PPI in actual template size. We are not responsible for the print quality when a low resolution file is provided.

Bleed & Safe Area

Bleed is the area of artwork that is extended beyond the actual dimensions of the document. Any objects in your artwork that touch the edges of the finished document require 1/8 (.125) inch bleed. When preparing artwork, please extend all background images and text intended to bleed 1/8 (.125) inch from each cut line edge.

Safe area is the area of artwork that is 1/8 (.125) inch within the actual dimensions of the document. Any artwork that is not intended to be cut off, such as text or logos, must be 1/8 (.125) inch inside all cut line edges.

*Please refer to our online spec sheets and templates for correct bleed and safe area dimensions.

PMS Colors

Although orders are printed in digital 4 color CMYK process, PMS colors may be provided as a reference. We will attempt to match as closely as possible however there is no guarantee of perfect color matching. The heat lamination process used during production may result in subtle color shade variations between the proof and the actual product. Future orders may also experience color variation from original production.

*Please also note when proofing that the colors viewed on your monitor or printed from outside printers are not an accurate color match of the finished product.